A New Unique Wax Game

My golden farm is a farming game on the wax block chain. In which you are the owner of an animal farm that simulates and is based on real life, this to increase the consumption and production of eggs, meat and dairy organic and later the derivatives of these

Latest News

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July 20th, 2022

Game will be launched on the Wax Blockchain on July 20th, don't miss the opportunity to play this wonderfull game.

July 21th, 2022

Find in you storage an animal plus some resources to start playing the game and earn free products by creating an account on My Golden Farm.

July 10th, 2022

Game is currently being develop to offer a huge opportunity for new comers to play and enjoy the wax blockchain.

Game Mechanics

The farm is divided into 4 main sections, Ranch, Warehouse, Market and the Bank.


Monitor the number of resources (food and water) for your animals and increase the storage capacity of these resources up to 5 times. Each animal has different food, make sure you buy the correct type and portion so as not to stop the production of your animal.


It is the place where you control the animals you own on the farm. Collect the products that each animal generates and then exchange them for GF tokens at the bank or withdraw directly to the Alcor exchange house. Each animal has an estimated lifespan, once you activate your animal you won't be able to stop it until it dies.


Get animals and resources for your farm. All the animals available in the market are common, if you want to acquire an animal with another degree of rarity you can find them in the premium packs (special packs).


In the bank, you can exchange your agricultural products directly for internal token GF remember that this the token can only be obtained in this way, you can also withdraw your products and exchange them for wax in the Alcor exchange

Get to know our NFT's


- White Paper v0.1
- Smart Contracts for phase 1
- Design Arts and Assets
- Creating collection in AtomicHub
- Website Launch
- Social media launch
- First sale NFT
- List of tokens in Alcor
- Game Launch
- Social media marketing
- White List Pass comes out
- Optimize the game
- Game Upgrade V2.0
- Land Throw
- Second sale NFT
- New animals arrive at MyGoldenFarm
- NFT In real life
- Process your raw material

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